Evening Conservatory

Refine and advance your craft

Begins September 25

Monday – Thursday, 6:45pm – 10:15pm

Additional rehearsal hours required

Designed for the working actor, the Evening Conservatory distills the physical, emotional, and analytical tools of acting into a concentrated three-semester program. Students will push beyond their creative comfort zones to take their talents to new heights.

Open House + Virtual Auditions

Attend Atlantic’s Open House Auditions on Friday, April 12th, 6pm – 9pm! You do not have to audition, but the option is provided. Learn more by clicking below.

Open House auditions

Don’t live in the area? Don’t live in the country? No worries – Virtual Auditions are on for Monday, April 15, 10am – 6pm EST! Learn more by clicking below.

Virtual Auditions

The Fall Semester

The first semester concentrates on the foundational work of the Atlantic Technique. Emphasizing script analysis, playing an action truthfully, and working moment to moment, students learn the basics of vocal production, speech and movement technique, while taking work habits to a higher professional level.

The Spring Semester

The second semester solidifies the students’ understanding of script analysis and encourages integration of emerging skills. Students perform an exploration of a structured improvisation that they write, research and perform.

The Summer Semester

The last semester challenges students to apply their training under the pressures of performance. Work includes advanced scene study, an ensemble performance project and preparation for the business.

Core Classes Include

Script Analysis, Moment Lab, Performance Technique, Voice, Speech, Movement, Production, Business, and Casting.

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Full Year: $12,800