Summer Programs

intensive training

Summer programs present students with an opportunity to gain a basic understanding of the Atlantic Technique and to immerse themselves in a community of dedicated actors. Summer alumni include Rose Byrne (Bridesmaids), Anna Chlumsky (“Veep”), and Zach Woods (“Silicon Valley”).

Summer Intensive (Ages 18+)

An ambitious six-week course, the Summer Intensive fully immerses students in Atlantic’s signature acting technique and collaborative approach to truthful storytelling, six days a week. Students work with dramatic texts and are instructed in a disciplined approach to script analysis and working truthfully moment-to-moment. These skills are brought together in performance of the material. Classes include: Script Analysis, Moment Lab, Performance Technique, Voice, Speech, Movement, and Improv. Full Course Descriptions here.

July 1 – August 9
Tuition: $3,700

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Spring Comprehensive (Ages 18+)

Over six-weeks, the Spring Comprehensive challenges students to embody Atlantic’s acting technique through courses in script analysis, scene work, and voice instruction. Gain a grounding in the truthful storytelling and collaboration that drives Atlantic. Students are instructed in a disciplined approach in these three courses: Script Analysis, Moment Lab, and Performance Technique. Full Course Descriptions here.

May 28 – July 3, 2019
Tuition: $2,700

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Summer In Vermont

For advanced students dedicated to year-round study, Summer in Vermont tackles a range of material, from comedy to classical. Set against the breathtaking Burlington backdrop, this three-week program provides an intimate retreat for students to build on their foundation in the Atlantic Technique.

July 2019
Tuition: $2,600
Room/Board: $1,800

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Teen Ensemble (Ages 15 – 18)

A four-week acting program for young adults, the Teen Ensemble demystifies the process of acting through a comprehensive curriculum that challenges students to push past their creative comfort zones through in-depth acting, voice, speech, and movement training. An opportunity to practice professional acting techniques in a supportive and collaborative environment, this program is the perfect introduction to the personal growth and rigor that emerge from conservatory style training.

July 8 – August 2
Tuition: $2,950

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