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At Atlantic, our aim is singular—to empower simple and honest storytelling that fosters greater understanding of our shared world. We are a family of artists dedicated to exploring essential truths onstage, be it a show at Atlantic Theater Company or a class at Atlantic Acting School. As a producer, presenter, and educator of theater, we are driven by the belief that theater can challenge and transform our ways of thinking and urge us to reflect on our role in society. From our Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize-winning productions to our community-based education programs, we are committed to uncovering and celebrating the stories of our varied human existence.

Atlantic Acting School

At Atlantic Acting School, we equip our students with the physical, emotional, and analytical tools of acting to discover their truths, and prepare them for success beyond our doors. From our full-time and evening conservatories to our NYU Tisch studio, and our after-school and summer programs for kids and teens, our immersive, learn-by-doing approach is central to an Atlantic Acting education. We have trained and mentored outstanding artists for more than 30 years. No matter their age or background, our students learn to break through their creative comfort zones in service to bringing essential human stories to life.



School Executive Director


Atlantic Theater Company Artistic Director


Atlantic Theater Company Managing Director

Heather Baird

Director of Education & Recruitment

Lorielle Mallue

Director of Conservatory Training & Academic Affairs

Chris Booth

Director of Admissions


Admissions Representative

Tyler Easter

Education Manager: Youth Programs & School Partnerships

Kyle McRuer

School Coordinator

Naomi Livingstone

Teaching Assistant

Arden Walentowski

Policy and Document Associate

Reggie D. White

Artistic Director of Student Productions

Alison Beatty

Artistic Director of Atlantic for Kids

Tom Costello

Artistic Director of Alumni Productions

Grant Emerson Harvey

Director of Student & Faculty Affairs

Ian Guzzone

Acting School & Stage 2 Production Manager

Rachel Ladd

Stage 2 Assistant Production Manager

Conor Perkins

School Line Producer

Annie MacRae

Associate Artistic Director

Abigail Katz

Associate Producer

Pamela Adams

General Manager

Camron Parker

Associate General Manager

Nzinga Williams

Company Manager

Molly Clancy

Box Office Manager

Kirk A. Curtis

Finance Manager

Andrew Slater

Finance & HR Associate

S.M. Payson

Production Manager, Linda Gross Theater

Marnie Ann Joyce

Operations Manager

Jason Simmons

Facilities Associate

Nick Luckenbaugh

Director of Development

Santiago Martinez

Manager of Institutional Giving

Weston Ganz

Special Events Manager

viguens louis

Development Assistant

Molly Marinik

Grants Coordinator

Claire Graves

Director of Marketing

Emily Turner

Marketing & Membership Manager


Community Outreach Coordinator

Andres Nicolas Chaves

Community Audience Partnership Ambassador

Adenike Thomas

Community Audience Partnership Ambassador


Press Representatives

Pentagram Design

Atlantic Branding


Olaf Olafsson


Carol Auerbach

Vice Chair

Kevin R. Lyle


Deborah Magid


Chris Boneau

Joy Bunson


Clark Gregg*

Gaye Slater Gross

Wolf Hengst

Hilary Hinckle*

Blair Husain

Roger E. Kass

Jane King

Scott Korf

Katie Leede

Monique Long

Mary McCann*

Justin Mohatt

Ilona Nemeth Quasha

Betsy Pitts


Nancy Sambuco

Mahlet Seyoum

Michael Slosberg

Mary Turner Minard

Claudia Wagner

Manny Weintraub

Joanne R. Wenig

Susi Wunsch

Ben Zinkin

*Atlantic Theater Company Ensemble members.

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Chris Bauer

Laura Bauer

Robert Bella

Kate Blumberg

Melissa Bruder

Larry Bryggman

Ronnie Butler

Kathryn Erbe

Giancarlo Esposito

Siobhan Fallon

Steven Goldstein

Clark Gregg

Steven Hawley

Hilary Hinckle

Felicity Huffman

Kristen Johnston

Maggie Kiley

Karen Kohlhaas

Jordan Lage

William H. Macy

Peter Maloney

David Mamet

Camryn Manheim

Mary McCann

Matt McGrath

Rod McLachlan

Mary Beth Peil

Neil Pepe

Rebecca Pidgeon

David Pittu

Jason Ritter

Matt Silver

Robin Spielberg

Mary Steenburgen

Ray Anthony Thomas

Todd Weeks

Howard Werner

Isiah Whitlock, Jr.

Alysa Wishingrad

Patricia Wolff

William Wrubel

Scott Zigler

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