First-hand accounts of
Atlantic Acting School

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Atlantic Actors Work

DeWanda Wise

“I’m probably as proud an Atlantic Alumni as they come—From using my training for every script, to experiencing how empowering and fruitful it’s been to create for yourself. Atlantic really made clear how vital it was to find my artistic tribe. I’ve even had the honor of playing Susan in Mamet’s “Race” at CTG under Scott Zigler’s direction. I’m so thankful for my years at Atlantic learning from the most brilliant directors & experts a training program could offer.”


“She’s Gotta Have It”
Someone Great
The Weekend
“Shots Fired”


Anna Chlumsky

“They had even longer programs than the one I was in. I came to them a little bit, I felt, later into my 20s and so I was like, I’m ready to go and try to get jobs. I did their summer intensive, which was like a boot camp. It was beautiful. It was a whole summer of just living and breathing plays and scenes. We learned everything from scene analysis, to movement, to kind of like meditative Meisner work. It was all in. Oh man. To this day, I still use so much of what I learned from them in what I do. I still carry the notebook that I started back then, my gosh. Whenever I see Cynthia Silver, or Anya Saffir, or Robert Bella, I’m like, “Oh you guys taught me how to act! You’re the reason I’m making a living today!””


“Halt and Catch Fire”
My Girl


Eloise Mumford

“Every line I say on set or on stage is really a secret ‘thank you’ to Atlantic. I learned something pivotal from each and every teacher and added all together, it made me who I am as a performer. I am incredibly lucky to have trained at Atlantic– it gave me an unshakeable foundation on which to build a life as an actor.”


A Veteran’s Christmas
Fifty Shades of Grey
“Chicago Fire”


Edwina Findley Dickerson

“I had such a wonderful experience training at Atlantic, and truly left changed and inspired! Atlantic doesn’t just teach students how to be good “actors”, their curriculum empowers you to become a professional. Whether I am working on camera or onstage, the practical aesthetic techniques I gained from Atlantic have been incredibly useful, and formed a strong foundation upon which I have grown and expanded as an artist.”


“Black Lighting”
“If Loving You is Wrong”
Get Hard
Insidious 2

Brian Charles Johnson

“Atlantic Acting School is the reason why I am able to do what I love for a living. It provided me a safe haven for molding my acting craft, but more importantly became a home away from home. Atlantic Theater Company cast me in my very first professional show (the Off-Broadway production of Spring Awakening), and I’ve been working in stage and film ever since. Thank you, Atlantic, for all that you’ve done for me, and continue to do for the theater community and the art of acting.”


Wolf of Wall Street
Spring Awakening
American Idiot

Rose Byrne

“It was an amazing week and I want to thank you for any premeditation in placing me in my ensemble. I am finding myself surrounded by young adults that are thoughtful and committed and it’s just so great. How did I get to you……well, I had heard of you from some moms with kids in the youth program and of course from actors that were my peer group and had taken a class here or there. I knew I wanted a full time professional program, so I looked to your site and found the conservatory. I started the application on my own prodding. I had also applied to Strasberg. I was accepted at the same time as I received the Atlantic’s acceptance and knew in my heart I wanted to come to the Atlantic but truthfully was afraid of the level of time commitment (as I’m sure you recall). Strasberg was a little looser, a little less intense that way so I spoke to a teacher I had taken a Method workshop with, thinking she’d tell me to accept the Strasberg invitation and she said said “The Atlantic is so highly revered, if there’s anyway you can take that program on, do it”. So I did.”


Instant Family
Juliet, Naked
Peter Rabbit
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Christopher Nicholas Smith

“Atlantic is awesome. The culture and environment that they create provides the perfect setting for students. They did so much for me. They made acting make sense. I met my best friends at Atlantic. Their philosophy has stayed with me – tell a story simply and truthfully.”


“Young & Hungry”
“Friends from College”
Paranormal Activity 3

Philip Martin

“Being a part of Atlantic means being a part of a family committed to telling great stories. The Atlantic gave me the opportunity to learn from company members Clark Gregg, Chris Bauer, and David Mamet. I found my manager from the Conservatory showcase and was later cast in Mamet’s latest project.”


Sexism Thrives
“The Black List”
Phil Spector