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THE FULL-TIME CONSERVATORY is a two-and-a-half-year program which provides actors with a solid acting technique, professional habits, performance experience, and support in entering the profession. Designed for the student seeking rigorous and rewarding training in a respectful and disciplined environment, this intensive program introduces students to professional-level ensemble work and teaches them how to build a successful career in the theater, film and television. The training produces skilled, brave actors intent on truthful storytelling and generous, collaborative ensemble members adept at producing their own work.

First Year Tuition: $17,000
Second Year Tuition: $17,000
Fifth Semester Tuition: $8,500

Begins Monday, August 26, 2019 


Attend and learn more about Atlantic Acting School’s programming with a free workshop by an elite faculty member in the Atlantic Acting Technique. There will be a Q&A session as well as some treats to mingle with before and after the workshop. (A tour of the school sometimes may be offered if possible.)



Simple, honest and straightforward, Practical Aesthetics is both an acting technique and a philosophy. The technique demystifies the process of acting by giving the actor a very clear set of analytical and physical tools. The philosophy teaches self-reliance, professional work habits, and mutual support and respect between artists.

The First Year of Atlantic ConservatoryTHE FIRST YEAR provides a solid foundation in Practical Aesthetics, the Atlantic Technique, with training that balances development of analytical, physical and collaborative skills. The curriculum includes instruction in a disciplined approach to script analysis, working truthfully moment-to-moment and bringing these competencies together in performance of the material. Training of the physical instrument in classes complementary to scene study consists of work in voice, speech, movement, and improvisation. Working as an ensemble to produce studio work, actors gain collaborative skills which foster interdependence and afford the greatest growth for the group and the individuals who compose it. First year students are introduced to more senior cohorts and gain technical experience by serving as crew on second year and fifth semester productions.

First Year Core Courses include: Script Analysis, Moment Lab, Performance Technique, Voice, Speech, Movement, Alexander Technique and Improvisation. Additional classes may include: Acting for the Camera, Commercial Acting, Introduction to Theater in NY, Clowning, Stage Combat, Singing and Dance for the Stage.

The Second Year of Atlantic ConservatoryTHE SECOND YEAR broadens the application of the Atlantic Technique to a more expansive repertoire of genre, style and media-specific work, strengthens integration of the physical skills honed in voice, speech and movement classes, cultivates individual imaginative expression and, in the spring term, begins the process of organizing the ensemble more formally into a company. Second year actors engage advanced questions about the technique’s employment and by understanding it as malleable, begin to appreciate the way it can best serve their unique creative needs as artists. Through an extensively rehearsed, semester-long scene study project in the spring term, individual aesthetic is recognized, nurtured and expressed and technical facility is tested and strengthened. As a budding company, ensemble members begin to define, articulate and celebrate their collective creative vision. Second year students rehearse and perform an evening of one-act plays as an exercise to synthesize their training.

Second Year Core Classes include: Advanced Acting, Advanced Performance Technique, Advanced Script Analysis, Film Technique, Shakespeare, Advanced Voice, Advanced Speech, Suzuki/View Points and Company. Additional Classes may include: Sketch Comedy, Voice Over, Business, Theatre History, TV Genres, Webisodes, Monologues and Adv. Acting with founding company member Scott Zigler (Mamet/Pinter/Beckett).

THE FIFTH SEMESTER focuses on polishing skills, applying them in performance and transitioning into the professional community. The combination of classes, sophisticated full-length productions and mounting of the company show challenges actors to refine their performance skills while preparing them to begin their careers. Master classes introduce actors to working professionals and form a bridge to the professional world while continuing to provide critical support in advanced skill-building. Studying with professional casting directors and working with up-and-coming directors on curricular productions has resulted in many actors being cast in professional roles in theatre, film and television upon graduation. Individualized coaching in voice and speech support the rehearsal of the productions, advanced scene study, movement and audition classes continue to enhance technique, business classes help identify achievable artistic goals and realistic professional opportunities, and the student company is introduced to the professional community with the performance of its first show and supported in planning future work. Fifth semester productions and the company show are performed in the Atlantic Theater Company’s professional off-Broadway house, Stage 2.

Fifth Semester Classes have included Advanced Acting, Advanced Suzuki/View Points, Business, Casting, Chekhov, Company, Dialects, Production Rehearsal and Vocal Coaching.

The Atlantic Theater Company is committed to providing opportunities to students within our own professional company and therefore auditions students for our season whenever appropriate roles are available.

Course offerings are subject to change or cancellation per management discretion. Please view our school policies.