A Path AFTER Acting School

A Path AFTER Acting School Rachel Belgelman Hero Photo

Three strenuous, exhilarating, and purpose provoking years of my life asking myself “What is literally going on in these given circumstance?”

After I graduated from Atlantic Acting School – Did I know how to commit to an impulse? Yes. Did I know how to outsmart the MTA and be fifteen minutes early to everything important in life? Yes. Did I know how to analyze post war British drama and portray a Romanian orphan? Mostly, yes. Was I a host in a restaurant because that was the only sure fire source of money I could procure with my BFA from NYU? No. Just kidding, yes, and that sucked, but it also felt like I was paying those metaphorical dues that everyone spoke of so nostalgically. I worked in restaurants, catered, babysat, taught Pilates, and was a personal assistant for what seemed like an eternity. The dues felt paid, but the artistic well was bone dry. After a stab at creating my own interview series (which I enjoyed), I decided to take my love of storytelling passed vlogging, and create a full-fledged business. Being a Chekhov devotee (I.E. nerd), Cherry Orchard Creative was born.

Cherry Orchard Creative is a creative agency that specializes in creating mood videos. These videos capture the ineffable vibe of a company. Blending my passion for physical movement, (this began as a young dancer and was nurtured at Atlantic in speech, voice, and Suzuki classes) with my love of producing art, Cherry Orchard naturally began creating content that highlighted brands in the health, wellness, and beauty spaces. From the very beginning, CO aimed to invite audiences into new worlds and help brands aesthetically blossom. Relatively quickly, I started approaching potential clients and collaborators like scene partners and playwrights. I found myself asking, “What do you want?” and “How do we go about getting it?” Before I knew it, the acting training that became part of my social and critical thinking DNA was breathing life into my business.

Now, a couple of years removed from Atlantic Acting School, I find myself professionally focusing on producing video content. I still teach at the Atlantic (which I love) and audition from time to time (mostly for commercials and voiceovers), but my artistic needs are primarily met by creating my own work. It is easy to feel like you are in a slump when you are not doing something that feeds your passion. For a little while, my “survival” jobs made me feel like I was barely floating above water. As much as I love my friends and family and living in New York City, just being and maintaining was not enough. I imagine that is the case for most people, especially those that have chosen to craft a career out of making art. The truth is none of us chose to go to acting school because we thought it would be an easy way to make money or find job security. We went because we love telling truthful and honest stories. For me, it was about finding a way to exercise my love for just that and cultivate a career. My journey thus far has taken me all the way from Shakespeare studies to a path of virtual storytelling, and I cannot wait to see where the Cherry Orchard blossoms next.