Scholarships and Work Study

The Atlantic Acting School offers a limited number of partial and full scholarships for select incoming students for the Full-Time Conservatory and Evening Conservatory. When applying to the Professional Conservatory, students will be assessed for scholarship eligibility based upon their merit, prior training and experience, overall promise and financial need.

Fully enrolled students have the opportunity to apply for a work study award. Some applicants will receive an award, based on financial need and work study eligibility. Work study awards are $500 per year, are applied directly to tuition costs and require approximately 50 hours of work in exchange.

For actors interested in attending our Professional Conservatory program, Atlantic offers an early decision award – The Practical Aesthetics Scholarship (both partial and full). Applications for the Practical Aesthetics Scholarship are due during the early decision period (September – December). Awards have been issued for Fall 2017.

In the event of a student withdrawing from or being dismissed from the program before the year’s completion, any scholarship awards will be forfeited. Students must remain in good standing with all school policies, attendance, and evaluations as well as fulfill all duties as an Atlantic student, per the student contract, in order to continue receiving their scholarship award. This scholarship award is only applicable to the tuition of the program, there will be no cash award given.



Do I need to complete a separate application for general admission to the Full-Time or Evening Conservatory before I apply for the Practical Aesthetics Scholarship?

No, if you are applying during the Early Decision period (September 1, 2016 – December 1, 2016) and would like to be considered for the scholarship, please use the application instructions for the Practical Aesthetics Scholarship only. There is no need to apply twice. Your application will also be considered for admission to the program and the scholarship award.

I was accepted into the Full-Time / Evening Conservatory last year and deferred my acceptance; do I have to apply again?

Congratulations, you have already been admitted into the program, however if you would like to be considered for a scholarship award, you must complete the essay and audition requirements laid out in the Practical Aesthetics Scholarship application instructions. Please send your existing letters of recommendation, headshot, resume, and your new artist statement and link to your video audition in one email for consideration.

Can I be accepted into the program, even if I don’t receive the scholarship?

Yes, you will be considered for admission to the program, even if you don’t receive the award.

Are there any other scholarships that I can apply for?

Should any other merit based scholarships be awarded, students who have completed the Practical Aesthetics Scholarship application during the Early Admission period will receive priority consideration.

Can I apply for financial aid?

Because the Atlantic is a professional conservatory rather than a degree granting institution, we are not eligible to grant financial aid and loans to students. We do offer a financial need-based scholarship to students who have been accepted into our program and qualify for financial assistance with their tuition. Students may apply for a need-based award or work study award once they have been officially accepted into the Full-Time or Evening Conservatory programs.

When is the Early Admission Practical Aesthetics Scholarship application due?

We are no longer taking applications for the Practical Aesthetics Scholarship for Fall 2017.

What happens once I send in my application?

Applications received by the December 1, 2016 deadline will be considered for a call back with a panel of Atlantic faculty and administrators. Call backs will be held by appointment on the selected dates only and will be either in person or via Skype. The audition panel will be held in December 2016.