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Part-Time classes offer students the opportunity to work alongside industry professionals and refine their skills in a professionally rigorous and supportive environment. Nothing is more important to us than the health & safety of our community. While we must stay home in the wake of COVID-19, it doesn’t mean we can’t stay connected and keep honing our craft! Thanks to a team of endlessly innovative and resourceful individuals, we’ve transitioned all of our part-time programs to the virtual platform Zoom, as well as created new part-time virtual classes for beginners and professional actors!

NEW! Virtual Classes:

Fall classes coming soon

We will be announcing a new wave of Part-Time Virtual Classes soon. Stay tuned!

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Receive a 10% discount when you enroll in two or more NEW Virtual Classes! You may also qualify for a reduced tuition rate if you’re an alumni of our Conservatory programs. If interested in redeeming these savings, please email

2019|2020 Seasonal Part-Time Programs:

Beginners Acting Lab

This comprehensive lab is an excellent start or refresher for the beginner adult actor. Explore acting exercises and techniques to develop your basic understanding of how to deliver a compelling and truthful performance. Students will be introduced to fundamentals of the Atlantic Technique through the exploration of scenes or monologues. Improve your communication, public speaking, and presentation skills. No prior experience is necessary. Open Registration. Now remote via the zoom platform.

Fall 2020 dates TBA
Tuition: $295

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Technique Labs

Technique Lab I | Sold Out!

An 8 week introduction to the Atlantic Technique. Learn how to analyze a scene, play the action truthfully, and maintain an emotional connection to your scene partner. Together this results in strong and compelling performance choices. Exercises will be drawn from Script Analysis and Moment Lab, two fundamental classes in the Atlantic training. Outside rehearsal time is required between the weekly classes. Application and interview required. Now remote via the zoom platform.

JUL 20 – aug 13

Mondays/THURSDAYS | 7pm – 9pm

Tuition: $395

Technique Lab II

Advanced Scene Study in 8 weeks building upon the skills developed in Technique Lab I (LVL I). Actors in this advanced technique class will expand their understanding and implementation of the Atlantic Technique by taking a deep dive into longer scene work and play analysis. Actors will work to strengthen their relationship to a play through extensive analytic work designed to bring greater specificity to their choices. Focus will be on integrating analytic skills with an emphasis on moment-to-moment stamina, and working with the teachers as a director. Outside rehearsal time is required between the weekly classes.

Pre-Requisite: Successful completion of LVL I, Summer Intensive, or Spring Comprehensive, and a teacher recommendation required.

Technique Lab III

This summer, this six-week class will focus on polishing skills gained in Technique Lab I and Technique Lab II by expanding their application to monologues and film/tv material.

During the first 7 meetings actors work on monologue material with faculty member Karen Kohlhaas – choosing pieces that suit them for auditions.  They apply the analytical skills they’ve gained in previous Atlantic technique classes and fully block the material, making it audience-ready.   This portion culminates in a workshop performance open to guests of the class.

The next 5 meetings look at the technique and its application to film and television material led by faculty member Jen Rau. Actors work on scenes written for the screen to develop skills that prepare them to audition and work in the film/tv industry.

Outside rehearsal time is required between the weekly classes. The class is kept to an intimate size to maximize individual attention. Pre-Requisite: Successful completion of LVL II and teacher recommendation required. Now remote via the zoom platform.

Spring 2021 dates TBA

Graduates who have successfully completed all 3 levels of Technique Labs and have a strong teacher recommendation are eligible for an exclusive audition opportunity for a panel of Atlantic Theater Company Artistic staff.

Image of Todd Thaler teaching class

Audition Lab | Sold Out!

This workshop is perfect for all actors looking to make the most out of every on-camera audition, self-tape and pilot season by immediately applying these tips and techniques. This is an exclusive opportunity for the serious actor to experience casting sessions with a professional feature film and television casting director, Todd Thaler. Todd’s class sharpens and improves an actor’s on-camera acting skills, starting with demystifying the audition process. Receive coaching on the skills necessary to quickly and easily gather information needed to give your best performance and prevent self-sabotage. This workshop includes: audition sides, cold reads, general auditions and interviews, scene coaching, and video playback. And, in addition to live, real-time auditioning, actors will self-tape between class meetings and review their tapes in class. Now remote via the zoom platform.

JUL 21 – aug 11 | Tuesdays, 7PM – 10pm
Tuition: $295