Donnie Mather

Donnie Mather Headshot

Donnie Mather is an actor who specializes in physical approaches to actor training. Mather has over 20 years of experience with Viewpoints and the Suzuki Method, training with Mary Overlie, Tina Landau, Anne Bogart, and SITI Company (Associate Artist 2001-2007). He has been a frequent instructor at the Atlantic Acting School since 1999 and has also taught at NYU, Columbia, Harvard, Wesleyan, Bard, Fordham, New School, NYCDA, Marymount, Shakespeare Theatre of NJ, and The National Theatre Institute at the O’Neill Theatre Center. Internationally, Mather has worked with artists throughout Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Turkey. Mather has performed with SITI Company, Our Voices Theater, WeildWorks, NYC Opera, LA Opera, Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, International Wow Company, En Garde Arts, the Toronto Fringe & the Manizales International Theatre Festival. Mather has frequently worked with playwright Charles L. Mee performing in Trojan Women: A Love Story (Dir. Tina Landau); co-choreographing and performing in Fetes De La Nuit (NY Premiere); the world premiere of Soot and Spit (Dir. Kim Weild); as well as directing and choreographing Bobrauschenbergamerica. His original work includes A Show of Force. Mather is the founding artist of The Adaptations Project performing in Kaddish (or the Key in the Window) based on the poem by Allen Ginsberg.