The Storytellers of Tomorrow

Hello and Hola! I’m Marcy Roche, an actor currently based in Miami, FL, of Cuban and Irish heritage. Living in Miami, I enjoy a multicultural experience, ranging from sipping my cafecito to the occasional autumn pumpkin spice latte and learning of global insights. The Global Virtual Conservatory (GVC) took me on a voyage of new experiences, collaborations and personal growth. I am honored to be a part of the second year graduating class of the GVC.  

The voyage began during the COVID-19 pandemic. I took many online acting courses at various prestigious schools in the U.S. Coast to coast and across the pond in England, all from my home.

I learned so much but still sought to fill some gaps in my learning experience. I learned of the Atlantic Acting School from alumni, classmates, and friends during my earlier studies at the Lee Strasberg Institute in Los Angeles. After researching and hearing much positive feedback on Atlantic Acting School’s usage of the Practical Aesthetics technique from friends and alumni from the Full-Time and Evening Conservatory and New York University, I enrolled in Atlantic’s Technique Lab 1 course. 

The Practical Aesthetics technique helped me break down scripts easily without getting overwhelmed with too many questions that the actor didn’t need to know. 

In layman’s terms, it’s the best script analysis technique and formatted just like a simple mathematics formula. ‘Practical Aesthetics = the literal, the objective/want, action, and “as if “. The experience was excellent, and I craved for more. I read about the Global Virtual Conservatory and decided to audition in September 2021. The audition required 2 monologues, an interview, the usage of practical aesthetics, and playing and listening to adjustments thrown by the auditor during the audition process. It was a challenging, fun and engaging process!

Fast forward to October 19, 2021, late afternoon, I received a letter of acceptance into the Global Virtual Conservatory.

I was very excited to hear the news and celebrated with family and friends. February 2022 came, and the course began. In the GVC, I had eleven talented classmates virtually on zoom every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings or mornings from different time zones globally. My classmates were from Australia, New York City, Atlanta, California, South Carolina, Washington D.C. Metro Virginia area, Toronto, and even Broward– a 30-minute drive from Miami where I live. 

The Global Virtual Conservatory allowed us to grow, create our work (act, write, and direct), trust ourselves, and learn to collaborate professionally to be ready in the theater and film/TV/voiceover. The faculty, staff, and guest speakers guided us through this wonderful journey. They encouraged us to share our ideas and adjust to new suggestions during courses and independent work in a positive, safe environment that could benefit the final product. The GVC prepared us not only to handle self-tape/virtual/in-person auditions, but also taught us to not be afraid of technology or the benefits of being tech-savvy. It was easy to learn with patience and practice. 

The GVC prepared us to become the professionals of tomorrow, taught us how to deal and work with diverse perspectives, and empowered us to share and collaborate during the creative process of rehearsals and shoots. It also allowed us to have pre-staged, written ideas for potential solo acts, live, and taped performances. The voyage led us through this undiscovered environment of shared and thought-provoking scenarios. 

I am forever grateful to the faculty, staff, and Atlantic Acting School community.

My classmates and I stay in contact and continue to talk on WhatsApp since graduating in June and completing our Unmute original production. They offer unique perspectives from different walks of life, both globally and culturally. I wish all my classmates, current and future students of the Global Virtual Conservatory to break legs and be the storytellers of tomorrow. Enjoy the journey and let yourself experience this beautiful voyage. I’m personally looking forward to how my GVC voyage will continue to unfold into the next chapters and destinations.

Marcy Roche

Marcy Roche is an American actress of Cuban and Irish descent from Miami, Florida. Her diverse background has exposed her to a lot of traveling and different cultures. Marcy’s parents are retired federal law enforcement officers who served in significant positions throughout their careers. Marcy took a different path in life, leading her to the acting world. Marcy caught the acting bug after attending the Coconut Grove Playhouse in Miami, and the rest has unfolded into an exciting experience. After graduating with a master’s degree in Psychology, Marcy pursued her formal acting training at Atlantic Acting School. She is a graduate of Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute Conservatory in Los Angeles.

Marcy attended Second City to hone in on her improvisation skills. During the past year, Marcy has been privileged to attend online classes at RADA, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and ACT Conservatory, focusing on theater, musical theater, and character development. Marcy has participated in major films, television shows, telenovelas, and Evans Production web mini-series “Dirty Deals” that earned her SAG-AFTRA card, and is also an AEA and GIAA member. 

Marcy is a sports fan in her spare time following her LA Lakers, LA Sparks, New England Patriots, F1, IndyCar, Darts, NHL, and MLB and enjoys her Cafecito Cubano. Marcy is a consummate professional dedicated to presenting her talents and skills in the entertainment industry. She is grateful to the students, faculty, staff, and Atlantic Acting School community. She wishes the Atlantic Acting School community to break a leg and become the storytellers and voices of tomorrow.

Instagram: @marcyroche


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