Recent credits: Martha Marcy May Marlene, Silent House, Therese, Liberal Arts. “They’re the reason I worked…They’re the people who got me my jobs and I’m so thankful to them…and their teachers.” CLICK HERE TO WATCH A BACKSTAGE Q&A WITH ELIZABETH OLSEN

(The River, Brothers and Sisters, The Guardian, Ally McBeal, Carla’s Song, Little Chenier…) “I have had the great pleasure to teach an audition class for Atlantic LA for the past several years. It has been as beneficial for me as a casting director as it has been for the students. I feel it is so important that young actors understand the casting process from an insider’s perspective so it can be demystified and these actors can become empowered and confident in knowing that in reality, all the people in the audition room WANT them to get the job! But there are important tools that go into the process as well, and as an actor you always want to do your best work possible, because even if you don’t book that particular job, you are going to make a positive impression on those people in the room who are in a position to hire you in the future. It’s not about winning the role-it’s about winning the room. As an actor you don’t always feel like you have a lot of power, but my goal in this program is to instill in my students that you actually truly do.”

(The Firm, Breaking Bad, The Unit, Jericho…) “What I love about the Atlantic program is that they wisely prepare their students with the essential tools needed in order to procure work. They instill a foundation in truthful acting, and then focus on the business side. They work on practical tools in order to succeed in LA in the competitive world of auditions. Their teachers are successful professionals who teach because they love to pass on knowledge while they are at the top of their game. If I wasn’t working full time, I would attend the rest of the program myself to absorb anything Mr. Gregg, Ms. Huffman, Mr. Macy and that Mamet dude had to say.”

(Atlantic Theater Ensemble Member) “I have worked with many young actors both on film and television and I have witnessed that it is so easy to be lost in the conundrum of what it takes to do a scene well and overall what it takes to be a good actor. There are many components that answer those questions but I have seen that the training at Atlantic gives actors simple clear answers that they can lean on for the rest of their professional life.”

(Paranormal Activity 3, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, “30 Rock”…) “Atlantic is awesome. The culture and environment that they create provides the perfect setting for students. They did so much for me. They made acting make sense. I met my best friends at Atlantic. Their philosophy has stayed with me – tell a story simply and truthfully.”

Recent Credits: David Mamet’s Untitled Phil Spector Biopic starring Al Pacino, Helen Mirren and Jeffrey Tambor.”Being a part of Atlantic means being a part of a family committed to telling great stories. The Atlantic gave me the opportunity to learn from company members Clark Gregg, Chris Bauer, and David Mamet. I found my manager from the LA Conservatory showcase and was later cast in Mamet’s latest project.”

Recent credits: “The Glades” (A&E), “Touch” (FOX), “Grimm” (NBC), “Drop Dead Diva” (Lifetime), “Perception” (ABC), Commencement (Indie Feature). “Atlantic’s LA program is the perfect start for anyone looking to begin a career out here. Coming to LA can be extremely daunting and this program offers an immediate foundation and valuable resources.”

(Spring Awakening, American Idiot) “Atlantic Acting School is the reason why I am able to do what I love for a living. It provided me a safe haven for molding my acting craft, but more importantly became a home away from home. The Atlantic Theater Company cast me in my very first professional show (the Off-Broadway production of Spring Awakening), and I’ve been working in stage and film ever since. Thank you, Atlantic, for all that you’ve done for me, and continue to do for the theater community and the art of acting.”