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Summer Teen Ensemble (Ages 15 – 18)

AUDITION REQUIRED. The Atlantic Acting School is pleased to offer a summer day program for teen actors who are interested in learning Practical Aesthetics; The Atlantic Technique. This program will integrate acting classes with rigorous physical training in Voice, Speech, and Movement and culminate in a final performance in one of Atlantic’s Studios. Includes Shakespeare, Monologue, On-Camera Workshops, and a Guest Class. Recommended for the teen performer ready to delve into the art of acting, this program promises to be intense, exciting, and fun! For more information, please call 646-216-1171.

EARLY DECISION DISCOUNTS & INFO. We are currently waiving application fees (a $40 value) for our Summer Teen Ensemble through (an extended deadline) January 1, 2018. In order to upload audition/submission materials, visit the link below.  Use the code SUMMERTEEN2018 at checkout. If you are accepted and deposit by January 31st, you will receive a $300 early acceptance scholarship.

July 9 – August 3, 2018
Mondays – Friday (9:30 AM – 5:00 PM)
Tuition: $2,950

Click to Apply Today – Early Decision Deadline is Jan. 1st!


  • 1 letter of recommendation from an academic or theater program teacher
  • Recent photo or headshot.
  • Link to 1-minute contemporary monologue/
    • Should include an introduction by applicant as well as the title, character and author of material.
    • Can use YouTube/Vimeo/Google Drive, etc.  Password protection is fine, but please provide us with the password.
    • If you audition in person, note the date of your audition in the application.
  • 500 word typed essay about one of the following topics:
    • Choose a character in fiction, a figure of historical importance, or a piece of creative work that has had profound influence on you and explain that influence.
    • Explain your desire to attend a Summer Theater program and how the training received will fit into your expected career path.
    • Make up a question, state it clearly, and answer it