Guest Class with company member Todd Weeks


Todd Weeks
“The discussion with Todd Weeks gave me a very helpful perspective on the life of a working actor.  In an industry so obsessed with meteoric rises to fame and big breaks, I think many, myself included to some extent, view our future careers with a sort of “all or nothing” mentality–there’s nothing in between an acting student and Brad Pitt.  When in reality, if you really focus on doing what you most enjoy you will find a way to sustain yourself and make a living.  Commitment to your dreams and goals will make them come true in ways you can’t even imagine.”
-Jefferson Reardon, NYU 3rd Year

“I thought Todd was a great guest speaker.  As a man that from the start was completely aware and self deprecating about his lack of celebrity, he focused on what was really important to us aspiring actors: his real tangible experiences working hard to be a paid actor over the last 25 years.  He was attentive to listen to our questions and answered them as best he could with sometimes funny, and always enlightening, anecdotes.  I appreciated the time and care he took when answering my question about how he personalized Practical Aesthetics for himself.  Great speaker, great person.”
-Ian Pryzchodniez, Conservatory 2nd Year

“Todd’s talk shed light on a side of acting that students often don’t hear that much about – how a working actor can make a successful living without the stereotypical glamour and luxury so often associated with modern acting.  His talk really made me think about what it means to be a successful actor – and reminded me that the drive to do something you love to do is an extremely powerful thing.”
-Deanna Beaman, NYU 1st Year

Mar 7, 2013 1:48pm

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