Commercial Acting 101

Bill Coelius at Atlantic

Commercial Acting 101: 101 Things You Need To Know Before Your Next Audition
with Bill Coelius

Taught by commercial veteran Bill Coelius, 101 is the product of his experience acting in 50 national commercials, and auditioning on a weekly basis in today’s market. From slate to set, Bill shares a carefully crafted game plan that will help you book and shoot that national commercial. From a reminder as basic as remembering to bring black socks to the shoot, to psychological exercises designed to help you recognize how your habitual patterns of fear-based thinking may prevent you from booking, Bill presents a myriad of skills, strategies and trade secrets that will turn your beliefs about yourself and the industry inside-out. Commercial Acting 101 covers everything from a review of basic skills such as slating, sign-in, and making copy your own, to the hidden rules of auditioning and the secrets of on-set behavior.

Commercial Acting 101 tackles everything from the mundane to the mystical. Does how you sign in affect your chances of booking the job? Are there things you can do while walking off set to ensure a future job? Are there absolute rules about acting that will help you book a national commercial? Can you work fearlessly, and truly enjoy every audition? Commercial Acting 101 will explain why all of those questions are answered with a definite YES!

January 21st
Sunday 11:00am – 7:30pm
Tuition: $200

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