April 2014 Guest Class Recap


Thanks to all the faculty, alumni and guests who taught our Conservatory students this past month! Here are a few highlights from our guest classes including photos and quotes from David Mamet and F. Murray Abraham.

David Mamet guest classAtlantic Co-Founder David Mamet
Friday, April 18, 2014 at the Linda Gross Theater

On auditions: “Auditions are humiliating. They come to fail. They come apologizing. Come to kick ass. Know your objective.”
On acting: “The strength comes from NOT doing it…let it come out. Pick up the cues.”
On blocking: “That’s all blocking is-to get what you want. That’s why anyone moves in any situation. If there isn’t drama what is the scene about?”

(Photo: Ahron R. Foster)
F. Murray Abraham guest classF. Murray Abraham
Friday, April 11, 2014 at Atlantic Acting School

On auditions: “”There’s only one thing you have to sell and it’s you. It’s the only thing you have that nobody else has. Try to remember that at auditions”
On actors: “”You’re not JUST an actor. Don’t ever say that. Without you there is nothing.”
On school: “”Follow your teachers’ advice but don’t lose track of who you are. It’s a hard thing to do.”

(Photo: Ahron R. Foster)
Christine Lahti guest class

Jon Michael Hill guest class

Conservatory students were also treated to guest classes from Christine Lahti and Jon Michael Hill during the month of April. Both provided great feedback and advice to students including this quote from Jon Michael Hill:

“During auditions don’t take it personally when people are talking/texting. Just do the best work you can and prepare.”

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